YouTube Edu, Academic Earth and Other Educational Sites On the Web

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Online Education Sites

Online Education Sites

Some time ago I made a post about Academic Earth, a good resource that delivers thousands of academic lecturers to your ‘doors’.

Thanks for and I got to know that YouTube has recently launched a similar service which they called YouTube EDU.

The concept is more or less the same as Academic Earth. According to the above mentioned resources, there are about 200 videos at the moment. I am certain that YouTube / Google will catch up quite soon as both know that educational videos are in an extremely high demand. So, now you know YouTube Edu and Academic Earth for educational videos.

YouTube Educational Video Portal

YouTube Educational Video Portal

Academic Earth

Academic Earth has recently shared Top 10 Tools for a Free Online Education Ihighly recommend to check that article on their website. It is a really nice collection Kevin Purdy ( has put together.

Hope you enjoy it.

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