You Have Nothing To Complain About – Watch This Musician

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Patrick-an exceptional musician

Patrick-an exceptional musician

His name is Patrick Henry Hughes. He is an exceptional musician. What separates Patrick from many other musicians is the fact that he is completely blind since his birth. Unlike Ray Charles, who is also a blind pianist with an exceptional talent, Patrick is a disabled person. He has been in his wheelchair since childhood. However, when being asked how he would describe his disabilities, his answer was “NOT disabilities at all, MORE abilities“. This is a very powerful statement and mindset and this is why his story is so inspiring to millions others.

Watch this 6 min 58 second video report by ESPN and you will understand why I say that Patrick’s story is so inspiring. Also, it is not a coincidence that the video has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube.

Patrick was born with these ‘disabilities’, however his life and people surrounding him have taught him how to adapt, move on and succeed. Yes, it is certain that he has physical disabilities but he is not disabled mentally i.e. in his thinking, in his dreaming and in his being passionate about life. That’s what separates a strong man from many others.

I hope Patrick’s story has touched your heart and make you think every time you complain about something in your life.

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