Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar 4 in Los Angeles, CA - Day2

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Day 2 of the Underground online seminar is over and as usuall tons of unforeseen surprises for me. First of all, the second day of the seminar is again full of quality content. Speakers, Mike Faith (CEO of, Mike Hill, Hal Oates (, were great. I especially enjoyed the last speaker, Andrew Lock, whose resources and content blew me away. I still can’t believe that he shared such valuable information.

I was also a winner of the Yanik’s DVD products and Internetlifestyle workshop (a box of about 12 kg. full of content).

And of course the last part of the day was a lot of fun. See below some photos at the Minikiss concert and of course a photo with Yanik Silver, the founder of the Underground Online Seminar.

Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail
Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail

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