Why Evaluation And Resolution Are Instrumental? - Post No.100

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New Year's Resolution

New Year

I have checked my blog statistics and noticed that I am reaching a post No. 100. Honestly, it is a bit hard to believe that it was just a while ago that I started my blog with an objective to provide valuable resources to inspired researchers and Internet entrepreneurs.

So, today, instead of providing tools (as I usually attempt to do) I decided to do something different. I want to write about something more important i.e. something that I do at the end of every year.

If you’ve been reading my posts for some time you might have figured that I am kind of a goal-oriented person. I love to plan things, even though I know I like to let some things happen as they come. Back to planning. At the end of every year I write down all goals I want to accomplish during the next year and honestly I feel very excited when to achieve them. How do I know if I have achieved them? Well, I go back to my New Year’s resolution. And at the end of every year I evaluate myself i.e. main accomplishments, things I learned/improved, areas where I lagged behind.

For example, last year about this time I decided to attend at least two overseas conferences on the subject of my interest. Sure enough I attended one 4 day conference in Los Angeles, USA and the other one in London in the past November.

Also, I planned to travel to visit our parents in Russia and Central Asia with Tatiana and we successfully accomplished that in August. The trip was great in its own sense.

Now, I am not going to list all the things that I have accomplished this year because it is not what I would like to write about here. My main point is that ever since I began planning and putting down all my goals I came to realize that it is more likely that I achieve what I wanted. Of course along the way there will be some things you and I will not be particularly impressed with. But it is ok. That’s what the evaluation process is for. This is what I and you should do at the end of every year trying to understand why certain goals have not been achieved for instance.

As my professor once said to me when I was studying at Dalhousie University, “people who plan things tend to achieve more than people who don’t”. And I hope you also see a fundamental truth in it.

So my question is: Have you evaluated yourself before 2009 hits the ground? Have you laid out all goals you want to accomplish in the upcoming year?

Just remember that planning or deciding is only one (important) thing we must do, acting upon it is another. However, it is a whole another issue. Just remember that “decision is the father of action”. Decide now and good luck on all your endeavors in 2009.

Happy New Year!

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