What Is One Red PaperClip Worth? Perhaps A Million …

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The paperclip traded for a house

When I finished watching this YouTube video (you are going to see below), the first word I said was “Wow!”. Although I am always in a search for inspiring stories like this one, I have never seen or heard anything close to it before. And now I’ve just found one and rushing to share it here with you.

The hero’s name is Kyle MacDonald, who is originated from Montreal, Canada. Although in his book “One Red Paperclip” Kyle says [quoting] that he is ‘an ordinary guy’, some completely and utterly disagree.

Here is the story of this genius mind with a great sense of courage and entrepreneurial flair. What an inspirational story, just watch this 8 minute 22 second video and keep reading!

So what is a paperclip worth? Of course it is not about the paperclip? ” … it’s what Kyle has done with it” as Corbin Bernsen says in the video clip. Clearly, this story again proves the saying “It is not about ‘WHAT’, it is about ‘HOW’ you do it”. A genius mind can make a simple paperclip worth a million. Contrarily, an ordinary man can make a million worth a ‘paperclip’.

So, think about it whenever you do something in your life be it study, career, family relations, you name it. Do you care about the ‘WHAT’ or the ‘HOW’. A little twist to an ordinary ‘WHAT’ can produce extraordinary results.

What I also like about Kyle is his passion to touch people’s hearts. It well maybe so that in the beginning he did not really care about it, but in the process he may have discovered what he is truly passionate about. I think it is very inspiring!

Let me know below what you think about the post and Kyle’ story. Was is it inspiring to you?

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