What Growing Has To Do With Studying or Working Abroad

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What Growing Has To Do With Studying or Working Abroad
By Vladimir Chen

Some of you may be wondering what “Growing” has to do with going abroad. You may think: Oh, I just want to study abroad or work abroad; why should I care about growing anyway? Well, the answer is simple. To achieve anything in your life regardless of area of life be it being accepted at one highly-ranked college or getting a job of your dream you need to strive to develop or grow both personally, emotionally and professionally. You may realize it sooner or later, but why wait if I can show you here that it directly influences your chances to secure a good position at a company or a spot at the college of your dreams?

It is not surprising that individuals who seek abroad experiences tend to succeed in their careers more compared to their peers who don’t. They simply tend to explore more, for instances, inner self, other cultures, others’ values and so on. In other words, these experiences broaden their horizon, and this is how they develop personally. So, one way to grow personally is by modeling others who have vast amount of experience that can save you a lot of time, money and effort. Quoting my mentor “Don’t try to reinvent the wheel”, follow shortcuts by consulting with those who have gone through similar experience you are seeking.

I personally think that success begins at changing personal attitudes or some may also call them “strong beliefs”. Without exhibiting a “go-getter” attitude, it will be much more difficult and perhaps more time-consuming for you to succeed in professional or academic careers. Therefore, if you have not started to work on yourself, it is about the right time.

Let me give you a specific example. There are some important things in our lives most of us tend to procrastinate on. For instance, if I know that I need to work on my project sometimes I simply can’t help but put it off. This is called procrastination. Every person on this earth procrastinates to some extent. But the beauty of this fact is that some people procrastinate on the things they should not because there are important, while others put aside things they should i.e. less important activities.

In other words, some of us are able to clearly discern what is important and what it is not. Important things may be, for example, completing a project, finishing a book/article, researching on a school, spending quality time with your significant other etc., while unimportant things are those activities that usually create hindrances for us to focus on what’s of more priority.

Being able to prioritize your activities and take actions upon such a prioritization will play an enormous role in becoming successful in your professional endeavors, and not only. You will very soon realize why this correlation is a no-brainer. Good luck!

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