Interesting Promotion Campaign At The Train Station In Copenhagen

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interesting campaign

interesting campaign

Yesterday, on my way home I saw an interesting promotion campaign at the train station that caught my attention and which I would like to share here with entrepreneurs who strive to stand out from the crowd.

As I was switching the trains at the central station I noticed 3 or 4 ladies standing in the main hall who were giving away some nice-looking paper bags and asking a question “Would you like a sandwich?”.

Sure enough, people are hungry at this point of time (around 5:30 p.m.) which made me think that the promoter did a great job. “Who are they?” - I wondered.

It was a collective effort of McDonald’s, Kraft and Schulstad that were running a campaign to advertise a salad dressing. Just think about it: McDonald’s wrapped up a small sandwich in a nice bag with a name of the advertised brand along with a flyer about it. I thought it was quite smart to generate some buzz this way. Just imagine this conversation in an average household:

- Darling, are you hungry?
- Yes, honey, but I had a sandwich on my way home.
- Did you make yourself one?
- No, it was McDonald’s.

Now, I think it was a powerful promotion which in the promoter’s hopes would create some word of mouth. And it sure does. It is just another lesson any small business can take away from the big brands such as McDonald’s, Kraft ans Schulstad.

Here are some photos from the campaign.

The paper bag

Sandwich, flyer and the bag

The flyer

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