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I just experimented with yet another online search tool called Viewzi. I like the fact that they are attempting to bring something new to the way we search information on the Net.

Viewzi tries to provide a new type of interface that allows to have all in one so to speak.

When one types in, for example, microbiology, Viewzi populates all the results relating to the subject and present them to the user in various view forms such as web screenshot, simple text, grid view, photo tag cloud and so on.

All the search results appear in the form of thumbnails regardless of the search results be it video, audio, text links etc. It is possible to see results from all the major search portals (e.g. Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.) and other reliable sources - all in one place. It is very interactive and the great part is that you can actually see the source (in a small thumbnail) before you click on it.

My first impression was that Viewzi has a similar idea to Piclens. However, Piclens is a tool to search for only photos and videos through the use of nice and user-friendly 3D interface.

I’ve experimented with Viewzi enough to put it into my list of recommended resources for searchers and researchers. Try to pay a visit to their service and you might well be in favor of what they’re doing. It is absolutely free and there is no catch whatsoever.

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