Two Stolen Bikes In Two Months

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Well, on Friday, in the middle of the day, my brand new bike got stolen at the Odense Central Station. Some really bad people cut the locker on the bike and probably took it for a sale.

bike stolen

bike stolen

The ‘ridiculous’ part is that this is our second brand new bike that gets stolen here in Odense, Fyn, Denmark. The first one was stolen two months ago and it was Tatyana’s means of transportation.

What can I say … I am very disappointed with the fact that there are so many bicycle thieves in Odense. And the sad part is that when reporting to the police I suggested them that they put some 24/7 cameras that would help them find these bad people. But the police officer said that it is not allowed to do that in Denmark. “Well …” - I thought to myself, “It is not allowed to put cameras, but it is allowed to steal bikes”.

Well, I guess that is how it is in Denmark. People require privacy and do not like to be intruded.

Anyways, the lesson here is rather psychological or personal-development-based: No matter, what happens to or in your life, be it a thing stolen from you or any other event that you can’t really be in a control of.

It is ok after all (although, I know it is really hard to think that way when things like that happen). But at the end of the end, you don’t need to get yourself emotionally exhausted (negatively of course). Always think this way no matter what happens it is sometimes hard, if not impossible, to control events or things but you can surely control your emotions or the meaning of this event. It all depends on what meaning you attribute to this particular event to make you feel bad, good or anything at all. Think about it.

Here is another picture of the broken lock. Probably somebody else needed my bike more than I do ;)

broken locker

broken locker

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