Thousands Of Free Video Lectures From The World Top Scholars

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Thousands of online lectures

Thousands of lectures

I am excited to have found and share a great resource. If you like watching educational videos online for example on YouTube or TED and etc. the following website is a goldmine.

The site is called Academic Earth. And it is essentially a video portal of video lecturers from the world’s top professors and scholars. I highly recommend this tool because it may be the place where you can watch video lectures on various topics of your interest.

Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars

Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars

You can also register on the website, which will generally give you more possibilities to personalize account. For example, after you’ve watched an interesting video you can add it to your “Favorites”. You can also cite the video. All the citation information can be copied in the “Cite” box after clicking on Citation Info link to the right of the video.

Citation Info and Add to Favorites

Citation Info and Add to Favorites Guy Kawasaki's presentation at Yale

You can currently categorize lecturers by ‘Subjects’, ‘Universities’, ‘Instructors’ or Playlists.


So far the University list includes the following institutions:

  • Harvard
  • MIT
  • Princeton
  • Stanford
  • Yale
  • Berkeley

My best guess is that more universities will be listed in the future. As long as there is something valuable to show the rank of the school won’t matter. Sure enough, the current list represents the most prestigious schools in the US. But as we all know there are many more out there. So, wait a little bit.

Hope you will enjoy it and leave me your comment or any thought you may have about the tool or the post!

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