Third Driving License Has Kept Me From Writing These Days

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Lesson from theory test

Lesson from theory test

I must admit I have not been active on my Blog these past days. Well, I would like to ‘excuse’ myself.

The thing is that I failed my theory test to get a new driving license in Denmark. Long story short, I decided to exchange my current license (American or Uzbek) to the Danish one. And I think since 2007 all those who want to swap their driving licenses to the local one, they need to pass both a theory test and a driving test.

Because of our trip to Orlando 3 weeks ago I was a little bit overwhelmed with everything going on, so I essentially had only 2 full days to prepare for my theory test. Not surprisingly, I did not pass (made 8 mistakes with only five allowed in order to pass). So, unlike in America where it was relatively easy to pass the tests after one day of reading the book I got a little bit challenged here (since Danish is my fourth language). And also got sort of mad at myself a bit :)

So, it took 4 serious days to read the book and practice the tests on a computer to polish the skill. And Ta-Da I passed it today! Here is the snapshot of the proof (first one failed, the second one passed).


By the way, when I was preparing for the test by reading through the theory book it was also funny to find our street in it (image below). Tatiana and I were very surprised. The red arrow is pointing at our street. We cross this intersection every single day :) This is another proof that Denmark is a very small country.

Another reason I brought up this issue is because I wanted to ask you do you get mad at yourself sometimes or better yet do you get disturbed (within control limits) when you fail to accomplish a certain goal? Because if you don’t maybe you should. Seriously. Just think about this way. If you’re slacking off (like everyone else) and there’s nobody to kick you in the ‘behind’ you should be the first to criticize yourself and take responsibility for all your failures.

If something is not coming well your way, it does not mean that it will not eventually. I remember what Randy Pausch said about obstacles being referred as brickwalls: “The brickwalls are there for a reason. The brickwalls are there not to keep us out. The brickwalls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. The brickwalls are there to stop the people who do not want it badly enough. They are there to stop other people. Brickwalls let us show our real dedication.”

What are your brickwalls?

Face them, accept them, defeat them!

Thanks for reading and look out for more great stuff to come. I will aslo share some photos from our trip to Orlando and my upcoming trip to Washington D.C. next week. I have also recently interviewed one of my subscriber who happens to work for Samsung Electronics. He told me about his story how he got to Korea and how he successfully wrote his thesis. So stay tuned!

P.S. I just wanted to add this video to make you laugh a little bit. Enjoy!

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