The Launch of – The Very First Weekly Web TV Show About Denmark

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I kind of feel bad that I’ve abandonded my blog for a while. Now and then, I would visit it myself just to check any acitivity, and looking through I knew that I needed to write but the priority was always something else. For that reason, I must apologize before my readership who thought that something has happened to me or my blog. Well, indeed there are lots of things that have happened in the past couple of months. But not to confuse anyone I will start with the latest and thus the title “The Launch of – …”

I’ve decided to create the show because I get excited when I stand behind the camera, do the post-production, brainstorm on the show ideas and so on. It came up natually that I should create a show about Denmark, the place where I’ve lived for quite some years now.

There are many different websites and resources that people can use to learn more about the country. However, I wanted to do something more fun than just reading text from different sources. This is how the MyDenmarkTV was born. The host of the show is Julie Tran, who has also lived in Denmark for most of her life now. Julie, insists on me being a co-host. Well, never say never, right?

But right now, we have recorded 4 shows on Each episode consists of 5 parts, which are:

1. Did you know?  – One fact about Denmark.
2. Everyday Life    – Practical tip and/or piece of advice.
3. Culture & Food – Intricacies of the Danish culture and food.
4. Study & Work   – This section is for those who want to study or work in Denmark
5. Fun & Entertainment – Fun stuff to do in Denmark.

All the 5 parts are thoroughly explained in the Introduction Episode or click the Play button below.

The show is absolutely free and the viewers can ask us a burning question, the answer to which may appear in the next episode. We are thinking of even introducing different prizes for asking questions. Is not that cool to get something valuable and get your question answered all with one shot?

We wanted to make the show as informative, educational, insightful, entertaining, fun and new as possible.

Go to the website and click the link “Subscribe to the Show” or type in your email address and you will be notified first class of a new episode each time.

If you have any commments I would be glad to hear from you. Until then take care!

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