The Entrepreneurial Emergency - What Is It Anyway?

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On another 1 hour 10 minute train ride to work, I am reading a report by Rich Schefren “The Entrepreneurial Emergency”. The 2 page foreword so to speak in the report is written by yet another great mind - Jay Abraham. The first thing on page 2 of the foreword that caught my attention is this: “..success isn’t about increasing your potential. It’s about eliminating the obstacles…”

Just think about it. Whatever you define your success to be, it is all about competing with you self. The only obstacle and reason for a failure in anyone’s life is a man himself. To be more precise, there are two ‘roles’ in us. The one plays hard to get you to where you think you should be: success, wealth, health, relationships. And the other half wants to beat the first role. That’s lazy you, complaining you, you who is looking for reasons to justify yourself.

As long as you understand and uniquely realize the fact that there are two you inside of you and begin taking actions, you will be freed and your productive will prevail. But to achieve that you need to arm yourself with powerful strategies. Eben Pegan, the guy who developed a Wake Up Productive program, teaches these strategies. Just watch some of his training videos here and you will be blown away.

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