The Coolest Guy On The Planet

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That’s it!

I’ve decided to enter the competition “The coolest guy on the planet”.

Last year or so I figured that there was a competition going on the Internet for the phrase the coolest guy on the planet.

I know for a fact that Brad Fallon (No.1 guy) and Russell Brunson (No. 3 guy) are the ones competing head-a-head for this term. And I thought, hey I may not be the coolest guy on the planet but I like the term and I like to compete.

So, today is the mark of my entry into the contest. Let’s see what happens in 6 month time. Will I be in the top 10.000 or perhaps 1.000, don’t know yet. But I stay positive and of course the more I learn the more likely I should beat those guys.

In case you wondered, here are the photos of those two.

Btw, I think both are MM*

* multimillionaires

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