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Entrepreneurial Spirit is Taking Over On Young Girls

Friday, May 23, 2008 14:06 No Comments

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Ok, here is another case of a 17-year old girl, Ashley Qualls, who has become a multimillionaire by creating

Ashley started off by making MySpace layouts for girls. Seems like she has mastered HTML and CSS.

She allegedly started to use Internet at the age of 9. Now, Ashley is ripping off the fruits coming from the advertising on her highly ranking site.
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Tendency Of The The Global Entrepreneurial Spirit Around The World

Thursday, January 31, 2008 14:49 No Comments

Just recently I’ve made a post on the boy who started his business at the age of 9. His name is Cameron Johnson and by now he has created several dozens of successful interernet ventures (check his companies on his website). At the age of 12 he was making $50.000 USD. He has been featured in dozens of TV shows including USToday,, BusinessJournal, CNBC etc.

Amazingly, Cameron is not the only young man (btw, he is 25 y.o.) I already keep a track of and even ordered his book “You call the shots”, but there are numbers of such young people who are extremely successful in what they are doing. Some of them include Jermaine Griggs from US (24), Ephren E. Taylor from US (25), Muhammad Hassaan Khan from Pakistan (19) and many more.

Following and recognizing the trend, I am now certainly convinced of the “youth wave” especially after reading this article on ecommercetimes.

The bottom line is this: No matter how old you are, don’t let your “evil” part take over. Strive for excellence and you will be rewarded. No problem or challenge is permanent. It all depends on how you look upon it.

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