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Two Stolen Bikes In Two Months

Sunday, September 21, 2008 0:29 1 Comment

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Well, on Friday, in the middle of the day, my brand new bike got stolen at the Odense Central Station. Some really bad people cut the locker on the bike and probably took it for a sale.

bike stolen

bike stolen

The ‘ridiculous’ part is that this is our second brand new bike that gets stolen here in Odense, Fyn, Denmark. The first one was stolen two months ago and it was Tatyana’s means of transportation.

What can I say … I am very disappointed with the fact that there are so many bicycle thieves in Odense. And the sad part is that when reporting to the police I suggested them that they put some 24/7 cameras that would help them find these bad people. Continue reading »

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A Personal Invitation From Donald Trump

Friday, April 18, 2008 16:27 1 Comment

Two hours ago, I opened and thumbed through the “How to sell high-priced products” workshop by Yanik Silver. And what stroke me was this letter from Donald Trump (below).

“Think Big an Live Large”

“This is the final rule of the Donald Trump School of Business Management. Once you’ve mastered it, you are ready to graduate.

It’s a big world. The possibilities are always there. If you’re thinking too small, you might miss them. In some ways, it’s easier to buy a skyscraper than a small house. If you’re going to think, think big. If you’re going to live, live large”

Particularly, I like the last three sentences e.g. “In some ways, it is easier to buy a skyscraper than a small house” … which is absolutely true. There are only 3% of all people that would truly understand that powerfu statement.

I would actually say (for now assume) that it is almost always easier to buy a skyscraper because those who buy it think big and they make decisions at a speed of light, while those who think small always have hard times making decisions … yet it happens much more slowly.

There is nothing wrong with either type of people. All people themselves decide what life they want to live. Not to think big or not think large is also a big decision.

Hope you are on the side of big and large to experience the abundance of life both in material and in spirit.

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