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Be Inspired By Ladies Who Conquer The World With No Arms No Legs

Thursday, February 19, 2009 6:49 No Comments

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Aimee Mullins & Jessica Cox

Aimee Mullins & Jessica Cox

Here is a couple of more people I want to bring to your attention. Their names are: Aimee Mullins and Jessica Cox.

The reason why I want to write about them is simply because these ladies are real fighters. They never settle nor do they give up on their dreams.

Like in the previous video where I talked about Nick Vujicic who has no arms no legs, Aimee Mullins has no legs and Jessica Cox has no arms. Yet Aimee is a runner, Olympics game veteran, World’s record holder, model and actress. Whereas, Jessica Cox, who has no arms, is a motivational speaker, black belt martial artist who also learned to fly an airplane. Wow!

Against all odds, the girls don’t see themselves as the victims of the ‘events’ or circumstances but rather pull themselves out of this as the winners. They do things many of us don’t dare to.

Why Is That So? What Drives These Young Ladies To Overcome Any Obstacle On Their Ways? Continue reading »

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No Arms, No Legs - Are You Going To Finish Strong? Watch This Guy

Thursday, January 15, 2009 10:14 1 Comment
Nick on the stage

Nick on the stage

The following story I want to talk about has blown my mind away. When you watch the video below it will be hard for you to stop the tears. And I seriously meant it.

His name is Nick Vujicic. No arms, no legs is what can describe this young man from the first sight. But when look closer into his story you will understand that Nick is a living example of the people who possess the strong attitudes a human being can be blessed with.

Hopeless, alone, pointless to live is what it used to feel for Nick when struggling through his life. There was no point to do anything like going to school, not to mention going to the university. Continue reading »

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Will You Get Motivated By 40 Inspirational Speeches In 2 Minutes?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 1:00 No Comments
Motivate yourself

Motivate yourself

The ability to self-motivate has always been important to me. I know well in my heart that if I don’t achieve results I want the only reason lies in me. How I think reflects the way how I make, if any, accomplishments.

We all go through hardships in all aspects of our lives. This being said, it is not what we go through it is how we react and act upon them. Many, to great sadness, would just walk around and about a life and how bad the conditions or circumstances are. All kinds of excuses are made up. The only way out seems to be finding a “scapegoat” and continue this pathetic routine of wining. Reasons are a misnomer. Continue reading »

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What Is One Red PaperClip Worth? Perhaps A Million …

Saturday, October 11, 2008 16:41 No Comments

The paperclip traded for a house

When I finished watching this YouTube video (you are going to see below), the first word I said was “Wow!”. Although I am always in a search for inspiring stories like this one, I have never seen or heard anything close to it before. And now I’ve just found one and rushing to share it here with you.

The hero’s name is Kyle MacDonald, who is originated from Montreal, Canada. Although in his book “One Red Paperclip” Kyle says [quoting] that he is ‘an ordinary guy’, some completely and utterly disagree.
Continue reading »

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2 Most Inspiring Videos Of 2007

Monday, December 31, 2007 15:48 No Comments

These are two personal stories that I find the most inspiring of everything I have seen in the year of 2007. These stories are just another example that there is no excuse for us not to achieve anything we want.

1) “Can World’s Stongest Dad” is a story about the Dad and his disabled son who was with him during entire marathon being pushed in a wheelchair, towed in a boat and pedaled while in a seat on the handlebars. Very inspiring. Just watch!

2) “J Mac on NBA Final Segment” is a story about the guy named Jason McElway who has a brain development disorder known as autism. Jason has a passion for baskatball. His amazing story begins since he got a coach assistant. But later he becomes the most renowned backetball player who suffers from autism, which again does not give us excuse not to achieve anything we want.

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