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The Entrepreneurial Emergency - What Is It Anyway?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 18:05 1 Comment

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On another 1 hour 10 minute train ride to work, I am reading a report by Rich Schefren “The Entrepreneurial Emergency”. The 2 page foreword so to speak in the report is written by yet another great mind - Jay Abraham. The first thing on page 2 of the foreword that caught my attention is this: “..success isn’t about increasing your potential. It’s about eliminating the obstacles…”
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Importance of the Re-Time

Sunday, April 20, 2008 21:32 No Comments

April 18 through April 20, 2008

Not until recently I realized the importane of “Re-Time” which stands for “Relaxation, Rejunenation, Renewal” (Eben Pegan).

This is how we, I and Tatyana, got rejuvenated over the weekend. Mostly we spent time lying on the grass on the beautiful and sunny days in Copenhagen.

When you’re workaholic like myself, you need to take a break and spend time with your love ones. You will be amazed how new ideas pour into your mind when you feel fresh and when you see your love one happy.

We had entire photoshooting sessions. See some of them below.

Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail
Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail
Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail
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Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar 4 in Los Angeles, CA - Day1

Saturday, March 29, 2008 8:06 No Comments

Hello from room 525 of the Los Angeles Marriott Downtown Hotel (333 South Figueroa Street) at Yanik Silver Underground Online Marketing Seminar in Los Angeles, California.

Day 1 of the Seminar is now over. We had a full pack of content day where greatest minds came to share their experiences. Some of today presenters include: Cameron Johnson (a guy who started his business at the age of 9 years old), Tony Hsieh (CEO of and a multimillionaire) who sells shoes online, Eben Pagan.

The networking opportunies are so vast and amazing. I got to meet some great entrepreneurs who I admire and really consider as great mentors. Some of them include: David Frey, Yanik Silver, Tony Hsieh and so on.

The fun part was when we played the 24 Spy Mission game that was really the scavenger game. After the game, we got to meet and mingle with some other attendees.

Now I am looking forward to the other two days. It is going to be blast and very informative. I am in the sucking-out mode ;)

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