Successful People Record Ideas When Those Come To Them

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Record your Ahas

Record your Ahas

Great ideas may come at any moment. They come and go. If they do go, unfortunately, this maybe forever.

Ideas can come to you when you are in the shower, while you jog, on the train, on the bike, during the conversation with your mom, when you listen to your favorite music you name it.

It is so important that at the moment when ideas come to us we must not let them bypass. We must jot them down or better yet record them on a tape recorder.

Depending on a situation you are in you can use either of these means. For example, when it is easier to jot down your ideas on paper grab a pen and a piece of paper then write down your ideas. But in other more mobile situations, e.g. while standing and waiting for your train you can pull a tape recorder or cellphone out of pocket/bag/purse and begin recording in the manner you want it to get materialized afterwards.

Whatever means you use it has to be something that will help you remember and elaborate upon those ideas later on.

You can buy a tape recorder for something like $180 USD or you can alternatively use your cellphone (most of them have recording functions nowadays) like I am doing right now. I am writing now this post off my cellphone that I used to share this technique with you. I was standing and waiting my train on the way home. It is 7 minutes before my train arrives. And I am still recording this message because when I get on the train I would be unspooling this technique right off my cellphone.

The cellphone (NokiaN95) I use works just fine for a tape recorder function, but I’ve been meaning to buy Olympus WS-300 (above). I was told that it is a great tool. I’ve read a review on this product and it offers among others:

  • 256 Mb of internal memory;
  • 68 hours of high quality audio in WMA format; and,
  • best of all it has a built-in USB connector, which allows to transfer audio data back and forth onto your computer.

So, don’t let your great ideas come by you, but get them in you. Whether you are writing your project or thinking of a new business idea, use a tape recorder (or cellphone) to develop your ideas.  I am sure you will experience great benefits of developing your ideas this way.

If you have any comments by all means feel free to share.

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  1. mufiedNo Gravatar says:

    November 19th, 2008 at 12:36 am

    for sure its really great to keep ideas,very helpful,,but in my case that work in design i must make sketch so its to be good,,lol,,i always bring my little skecth book and pencil,,^^

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