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A Whole New Mind

A Whole New Mind

I and Tatyana decided to do some fun stuff over the weekend despite the fact that Tatyana ’s bike got stolen :(

Inspired by Daniel Pink, the author of “A Whole New Mind” we said “hey, let’s try to draw ourselves … i.e. self-portrait.

The reason why we decided to draw ourselves is because a) it it a lot of fun (as it turned out), and; b) this is all about symphonic thinking.
“Symphony is an ability to put together pieces”. In other words, it allows one to synthesize or see a big picture rather than analyze i.e. break a big picture into small pieces. This is what came out after 45 minutes of hard work.


Daniel says that entrepreneurs and inventors have long relied on this ability. I tend to agree because entrepreneurs are good at seeing a big picture as opposed to other people who are L-Thinking Brainers and who are good at breaking the big picture into small pieces (analysis/paralysis).

Some people said that Tatyana’s drawing is more professional though …. “Damn it!”

Tatyana also said that I was too generous with my eyes, which I agree with, because in reality my eyes are a bit more of the Asian style. So the way they look on the image is totally deceiving … well may be not totally but they are more narrow.

Anyways, it is tons of fun! Try it and you may also love it!

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