Rock Under Broen - One Of The Craziest Rock/Pop Concerts in Middelfart, Denmark

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I and Tatyana went to the Rock Under Broen concert past Saturday (June 16, 2008). I must admit I have never thought that a smal and quite city like Middelfart can turn into a rock congregation for rock and music fans or just some people who like to spend nice time for a “drink”(s).

Some nice bands such as Ace of Base, Big Fat Snake, Alanic Morissette performed on Saturday.

The weather was absolutely ever-changing … rain, sunshine windy so on. But we had a nice time and blew off some steam before my language exam on Monday.

P.S. By the way, in case you wondered about the last picture. It is one of the best invention in the toilet industry. These open toilets are so useful and convinient … you don’t need to shut the door … just come, do your thing and go back to the music. Nobody, even girls, cared about the scenery (just curious how many gallons of that ‘fluid’ do they end up pooring … from 20,000 people … wow).

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