Organize Your Trips With This Nifty Traveling Web Tool

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Organize your travel

Organize your travel

This post may seem a bit different in the context of this Blog. But since one of the categories is dedicated to providing great web tools and resources, I thought that it would be of use to some people who travel a lot.

No matter if you are a student or a business owner, you will love this nifty web resource if you travel a lot. The new tool is called Tripit. The first time I used Tripit was when I was planning my trip to London. If you travel medium to a lot you will find it so much useful. I’ve tested it and here is how it works.

First you sign up for a free account at It is easy and takes half a minute. You will get you own account and from there on all you need to do is email (forward) your travel confirmations to and you are set (alternatively, you can add travel plans manually inside your account). Now, your travel details are stored in one place. Imagine if you have several trips scheduled one year ahead. Don’t you think it would be inconvenient to keep different trip details in different emails? solves this challenge for you.

Here are some snapshots of my experiment with Tripit (trip to London).

After I purchased my flight ticket to London I got my itinerary via email. I forward the itinerary confirmation to And now I immediately get the travel overview displayed in my personal account. I think it is cool.

The great thing about Tripit is that it not only gives a great overview but it also provides other great details such as weather on a travel day.

My detailed flight information at hand with more features - map details

You can even get to see a detailed map after you forwarded your plan details. Nothing more can be asked for :).

In the end, in the words of the Tripit creators: “We are frustrated travelers who have worked in both travel and technology for a long time. We know firsthand that using the Internet to make travel plans and organizing the details is difficult and time consuming. And, the problem is getting worse as more people choose to make their own travel plans and as online travel options continue to proliferate.”

I hope you are going to like the tool and let me know if it helps you when you travel.

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