No Arms, No Legs - Are You Going To Finish Strong? Watch This Guy

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Nick on the stage

Nick on the stage

The following story I want to talk about has blown my mind away. When you watch the video below it will be hard for you to stop the tears. And I seriously meant it.

His name is Nick Vujicic. No arms, no legs is what can describe this young man from the first sight. But when look closer into his story you will understand that Nick is a living example of the people who possess the strong attitudes a human being can be blessed with.

Hopeless, alone, pointless to live is what it used to feel for Nick when struggling through his life. There was no point to do anything like going to school, not to mention going to the university.

However, despite the feeling of coldness and bitterness inside of him, Nick Vujicic has found the strength to get up and live a happy life. Not only does Nick portray a life of a happy man but he also inspires millions of others to want to live a fulfilling life. It is also my belief that Nick’s family has made an incredible contribution to what he is today.

Watch Nick’s story and you will understand that there is nothing I and you should ever complain about. We can also appreciate tiny things in our lives much more when we watch stories like this. Pay a close attention to the moment when he talks about ‘getting up’ in life.

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