Most Frequently Used Active Verbs For Literature Review In Master Thesis

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List of active verbs

List of active verbs

Based on my own experience, there is a list of active verbs which are used most frequently in literature reviews of theses and dissertations.

A lot of lists I found on Google are perhaps bigger lists but in most, if not all, cases those verbs are inappropriate for literature reviews of a thesis or a dissertation. So, I compiled my own list of active verbs. Here are all the words in a non-user-friendly way (link to PDF file below).

abandon acknowledge adopt advocate allow alter analyze appear argue assert assess assume attribute be aware believe calculate challenge characterize clarify classify combine compare conceptualize conclude consider construct construe contain contend continue contribute criticize decide deduce define delineate depict depict derive designate detail determine develop devise disagree discover dispute distinguish distribute divide eliminate emphasize employ encompass estimate evaluate evolve exchange explain exploit extend (on/upon) extrapolate find focus on force forecast form generalize guide hypothesize illuminate illustrate imply indicate infer influence inform insist interpret introduce investigate invoke isolate join link maintain mean measure note obtain occur organize originate overlap point out postulate predict present produce propose prove provide put forth/forward reclaim recognize record refer reflect reiterate report represent require restore restrict reveal revolve around seek separate set forth simplify specify speculate state suggest sum up summarize support synthesize think underlie use utilize view yield

005_01 in PDF (93 Kb)

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