Is There A Better Way To Search On The Net Than Google? Perhaps …

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I found a new way to search for news items on the Internet.

Recently I have been paying a lot of attention to ‘Specialized Search Engines’ or some call this type as Vertical Search.

As opposed to Google, which is an example of horizontal search, last week I discovered this website called that adds a new twist to the way how search on the Internet works.

If you know keywords you need to find information on, all you need to do it type them and you will see all the search results pulled to you in real-time from many leading news services such as BBC News, MSNBC, Yahoo News, Google News all in one.

More importantly, when you press the button “Search all Headlines” your keywords will be searched in dozens of biggest social networking sites to see what other people have to say about the topic. I can’t think of any better ways to search for a specific news item.

By the way, it is not just me saying this … I actually went ahead and experimented with this site before making this post. I compared search results for on Google with those on NewsFlashR. What I found is while Google still shows a number of irrelevant results, the latter actually pulled exactly to-the-point information I needed/wanted.

“As a small company, we think that we can challenge the big guns with our new approach that pulls from all their results and pushes them on to a single results page. Say someone is really thirsty for any news updates on a given person or company, using Newsflashr, they’ll never miss a beat,” said Gal Arav, founder of, in a statement.

I am not saying that NewsFlashR in all cases will beat “the big guns”, but it will certainly add value to your searching experience, which will hopefully result in saving your time for other stuff.

Try it and you will love it.

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