Is Anthony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery Seminar For You?

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Good question.

My rhetoric answer is: it depends

“On what?” – you may ask.
… on whether or not you are prepared to take your finance to the next level.

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If you don’t care about financial aspect of your life, please don’t bother because you will be disappointed with the seminar and most likely with the atmosphere too.

The content of the seminar is great, the workload is huge and the learning is intense, but a lot of fun.

If you’ve been to Tony’s UPW seminar then you will mostly likely recognize the same dynamism inside the hall. The whole audience rocks the building.

Tony himself does not teach at the Wealth Mastery Seminar (he put this thing on the autopilot), but his partners Joe Williams, Chulk Mellon and Keith Cunningham rock the house.

Joe Williams really resembles Tony’s style of speaking. (from info pack) “If you close your eyes he sounds exactly like Anthony Robbins and he focuses on the psychology of investing. Sometimes 80% of the success you have in investing boils down to controlling your emotions”.

Seminar also gives everyone a possibility to take a serious control of one’s finances. After the seminar it is impossible not to do the bookkeeping thing, financial statements, monthly expenses etc.

So it all boils down to if you are ready and want to master your finances and particularly become real estate investor or invest in stock/options, then this would be the right seminar for you. If not, then don’t spend your money, time and energy on “B.S.”

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