I Am Not Into Politics But I Was Interviewed On The Streets Of D.C.

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Me being interviewed

Me being interviewed

On my last day of visiting Washington D.C. I made up my mind to walk around in the attempt to find a shopping mall and get some presents to take home with me.

As I was exploring the streets of D.C. I ran into a United Press International (UPI) reporter who asked me if I had a minute to answer some questions. “Sure” - I said. He asked me if I would mind answering three simple questions. I told him that I am not a local and I might not be able to have answers to all his questions. He assured me that I needn’t be one.

As it turned out the guy began asking questions about US/North Korea politics, which I have absolutely no interest in. The last question though was more or less easier since I have Korean roots. So I ended up being in the footage. Here is the interview:

They also posted an article on their website

But the purpose of this post was not just to show the video but rather raise a discussion whether or not you follow politics. And if so then why? What’s your motivation? Does it interest you? Or you watch it because you just like following the news?

As for me I don’t read politics nor do I watch it on TV. Well, to begin with I rarely watch TV.

Just think about it; there is so much negativity in the media and in the news. What they show mostly is how things are bad or get bad. And of course if and when you watch such a news all the time you get influenced and your thinking become negatively wired.

Think about if you begin your day by reading a piece of negative news or watching how things are bad in the world. This sets you into the wrong mindset. On the contrary, you should begin your day by thinking about something great, positive, joyful and spiritual. Yoga, meditation and exercise all set you into such a positive attitude.

If I decide to watch something that I know may influence me in a negative way, I consciously try to change that activity or if I made a decision to continue doing that then I will do my best to alter the state of mind afterwards simply because I know that in such a state I can not and will not accomplish what I want to accomplish.

So the bottom line is if you think you want to start your day with some politics which is mostly negative, then be prepared to re-tune yourself for an upbeat tone (consciously) so that you can focus on things that can produce results you want in your life. It can be small things. But I strongly think that small positive things are better than big negative politics (unless you are a dedicated politician/citizen who is committed to following the news and making a difference in this world by smiling in the face of all that negativism).

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