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Only a while ago I was sitting in front of my computer trying to finish my thesis. While the knowledge of strategies, tools and methodologies was extremely crucial to my thesis writing it is only now I realize that the mindset played even more important role to accomplish the task. And by mindset I mean a “state of mind” or the psychology.

Many people, including master students, postpone on so many things in their lives. This has been and is a universal decease and a bottlebeck for many of us to realize our potential including plans and dreams. In fact it is eroding and devastating.

With the passage of time, our self-confidence diminishes and we lose that self-connection with ourselves that is the fundamental “secret” of all successful people known to a mankind.

Having graduated from the Business School in Copenhagen and now full-time employed by an IT firm (where I work as a Senior Analyst). However, I consider myself entrepreneurial, which is why I decided to found MasterYourThesis.com that is essentially a help guide to students who are writing or about to start writing their theses.

Now, MasterYourThesis.com is still a kind of service that will discuss and cover techniques and tools needed for the superiour technical performance of thesis writing. However, I strongly believe that without a discipline or personal development part so to speak we are doomed to accomplish any task not to mention a thesis. In fact I’ learned that a lack of motivation or discipline as well as shortage of awareness of the subconscious mind many of us get steered away and eventually get so disappointed with oneself.

At the moment, we offer our subscribers e-zines. At the same time we are working on the number of other services which we believe will play a vital role during their writing process.

MasterYourThesis was born to make students’ life a bit easier and smoother before they enter the job market. To learn more go to MasterYourThesis.com

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