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Just recently I started my blog where I really wanted to share my experience from the Anthony Robbins’ seminar that took place back in June 2007 and November 2007.

I use my blog as an outlet to share my knowledge and experience. And I kept creating content in the blog I began to rank high in search engines. I just realized that for some terms if noticed that when I type in Google search term “Anthony Robbins UPW Seminar” my blog and my articles appear as No.1 and No.2 spots. Not bad in such a short time … a little over a couple of months.

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A lesson here is this.
- Start your blog now and identify keywords you want to appear in Google on.

- Write articles and provide good content. Be as specific as possible!

- When you write your articles/posts consciously write those keywords or phrases.

- Make your articles an interesting read (e.g. quality content, controversial etc.)

- Constantly check out how well you are performing i.e. are you moving up or down.

- Go to Alexa to check your ranking there. Or better yet install a Firefox add-on to your browser to get the ranking at instant sight.

- On tope everything else you can build your backlinks when you write your posts. The more popular they are the more traffic you will get, better ranking etc.

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