How ‘Little’ Things Like Quitting Smoking Can Play an Instrumental Role in Your Life

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just quit smoking

just quit smoking

Are you tired of not getting what you want in you life?

I want to share two stories: the first one told by Anthony Robbins and the second story is from my personal experience.

1) I remember at the Anthony Robbins’ UPW seminar in London in 2007, Tony told us (12,000) a story about his friend who smoked for most of his life. Once in a while the two friends would meet and Tony, realizing how serious it was, would ask his friend “what’s up … why do I still see you smoking?”, to which the friend replied that he tried to stop but it never lasted for more than half a year before he began to smoke again.

Eventually, his friend stopped owing to his sweet 12 year old daughter who once ran up to her dad crying like crazy and saying: “Daddy, I want you to be at my prom … I want you to see me in my prom dress.” And the daddy says: “Calm down sweetheart of course I will be at your prom, and of course I will be seeing you dressed up in a wonderful prom dress”. And the daughter continued to cry even harder and hardly saying: “No, daddy you will not come to my prom because you are going to die”. “What?” - the Daddy exclaimed. “Yes, yes Daddy you are going to die because you smoke … I don’t want you to die .. I don’t want you to die”.

You see the morale of this true story is that if we can connect our experiences (e.g. habits, failures etc.) to the powerful emotional states we may become like a “machine” that nothing and nobody will be able to stop us. And that is the fundamental truth that so many of us don’t want to UNDERSTAND. It is important that one seeks such connections to awaken their powerful emotional states. Conclusively, the guy never took a puff ever since because that experience had a tremendous impact on his state of mind that he never allowed himself to smoke again.

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2) The second story revolves around my personal experience as I must admit I smoked for 11 years. At the age of 22 I quit. Yes, you do the math … I began to smoke at the age of 11 years old. In the beginning it was for fun … just to look cool, I am sure most guys want at some point to make an impression on girls. And this was one ‘way’ to look as though cool and grown-up.

Growing up though I began to realize how dangerous it was to my health especially after I began to feel some pain in my chest. But nothing seemed more convincing to make me give up smoking even apparent danger to my lungs until one day I learned my ’secret’ how I should stop.

At the age of 21 I set a firm goal to experience different life and studies abroad. I was so obsessed and passionate that I would literally spend hours until 4-5 in the morning learning foreign languages and applying for dozens of programs. I realized that I found that drive. Eventually I connected that motive to the habit of smoking and believe me every time I thought of taking a cigarette I would tell myself: “If you are going to smoke now you are not going to achieve what you want”. And back then I had no idea of NLP nor did I read any motivational literature, however I knew how important that goal was to me and I was able to connect that goal to my bad habit of smoking.

Quit Smoking Now

And that is given the fact that back in time when I smoked I thought I would never be able to quit and that even I would smoke for the rest of my life and actually pass away smoking a cigarette.

Oh yeah and by the way, just for the sake of measurement and not for the sake of me ever starting to smoke again it has been more than 6 years since I quit. Please if you want to seriously quit smoking DON’T count days. Otherwise are you counting because you will start again at some point and say to the people I did not smoke for x-number of days. HOW RIDICULOUS!

P.S. To get you disgusted a little bit just watch this YouTube ad video for 30 seconds and maybe you I will see you on a non-smoker side then.

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