How I Wrote My Master Thesis And Got It Published?

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YEAH! So many months of hard work paid off well. I GOT MY MASTER THESIS PUBLISHED at the library of Copenhagen Business School (CBS). See it here.

Today, I have got a secret to share and that’s about how to get your Master Thesis done and better yet published.

Let me ask you a question before I begin? Are you familiar with a “Law of Attraction” concept? If you don’t know what the Law is all about. Go ahead and google it (shortcut is here). You will quickly find out that it was the key to how I got my thesis published, that is, how I succeeded and why you should do the same if you want to achieve great results.

To be honest, back then when I was busting my butt off trying to write my thesis and make it sound intriguing and a one-go read, I had no clue what the Law of Attraction was all about. All I knew that I wanted to see my Thesis on the shelves of the CBS’ library.

Every day and anytime I would write something up, be it idea, problem formulation, thesis structure, analysis (paralysis), conclusion and etc. I would clearly picture a CBS student shop through the library and pick my thesis off the library shelf, read it and actually say “… that’s an interesting piece of work”.

Already then, six months before my thesis got published, I clearly visualized what I wanted to accomplish with my thesis. And that’s the Law of Attraction when one pictures what he/she wants and think about it, thus generating positives waves of thought that will eventually lead to, if executed properly, a massive set of action.

I don’t care if you are just starting of have been half way through, or even if you are almost finished with your thesis, it will never be late to speak to your subconsious mind to succeed in anything you do. If every day for 15 minutes you can train the most important muscle of yours, the brain, and pump it up with positive energy, thoughts and clear images of what you want to accomplish, I guarantee you that you will get what you want. Persistence pays off, read the literature and do you research if you feel sceptical.

To your success

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