How And When To Write a Master Thesis Abstract?

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When and how do you need to write your Master thesis abstract?




You need to stop worrying about your Master thesis abstract if you are not done yet with your thesis at least 80%. You abstract is just a quick snapshot of your thesis and I would not worry about it now unless you’re more than half way through.

Abstract can be written in 5 minutes but it is the most precise-to-the point part of your thesis. In some 10-15 lines you need to convey the whole ‘truth’ of your thesis. If you don’t, it is considered a poor abstract.
So, think about your thesis not abstract. If you write your ‘abstract’ in the beginning or in the middle of your thesis writing, I guarantee you that it will be aimlessly rewritten as many more times as you would not otherwise. And the point is not that you should not rewrite things but you should use your resources and skills more wisely.


Writing an abstract is not difficult if you know what your thesis is all about. The difficult part comes in when you need to present your main idea in some 10-15 lines when your thesis fills up all 50 or even 80 pages.

It is always good to start out what your thesis seeks to discover, develop or establish. You can start something like this: “The present Master’s thesis seeks to develop a better understanding of …”

Mention briefly the existing body of research and its downfalls and ‘holes’.

Cover concisely the research methods, how and what they helped you accomplish.

Finally, what’s your contribution to the world of science e.g. integrative framework, test, and results.

Here is an example of Master Thesis Abstract



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  1. AleksNo Gravatar says:

    January 19th, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    Abstract should only be written, when the whole thesis itself is completed! There is no use to summarize an unfinished work.

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