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Today, to compete one has to be different not only in the “WHAT” he or she does but also in the way “HOW” they do it.

There are lots of cyclists in Denmark. There are special roads and traffic lights for cyclists. In Scandinavia, it is quite often I catch politicians and famous actors ride a bicycle to commute from home to work.

Kids learn how to cycle at early ages. The elderly cycle at a speed sometimes faster than I do ;)

So, the bottom line is: it is a humongous market. So, it is definitely a good way if one wants to reach out to the mass market.

Today I’ve ‘caught in action’ one of the biggest Danish publishing house, Information.dk, put these nice tarpaulin covers in bikes to protect the saddles from rain. Of course on the covers there would ‘accidentally’ be Information’s logo.

So, when a bike owner sees this ‘gift’ he definitely is going to like it because it rains like hell here and the cover is a nice thing to have if one does not want to get his/her butt to wet.

It is not to say that this marketing is a completely new thing in Denmark, but what I am saying is that if one wants to stand he/she needs to strive to go beyond ordinary or as Anthony Robbins says “extraordinary”, Seth Godin refers to it as “remarkable” and Jim Collins “from good to great”.

Eben Pegan says that in competition it is all about “non obvious” and “counter intuitive” things. If you think in terms of those two then you should be able to nail it on the head eventually.

In his presentation at TED, Seth Gordin, the best seller of marketing books, calls this type of marketing “remarkable marketing”. He elaborates the word “remarkable” as being ‘worth making a remark about’. Watch this video and you will learn a whole great deal

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