“Focus On Where You Want To Go”

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Notes From A Friend - Anthony Robbins (p. 54)

Don't focus on the tree


I love this quote because it is true which we sadly often forget about. We all the time complain about how things do not go our way or somebody be it employer/girlfriend/boyfriend or anyone else does not understand us. At that very moment we focus on the ‘negative’. We think about the problem and we drill it, drill it and drill it until we get so freaked out and exhausted that everything else seems hopeless.

The quote reminds us we need to switch our focus from the problem to the solution part. We need to find a way to pull through. We should not spend a minute on thinking how terrible the situation and how unsupportive your girlfriend/boyfriend is, but rather catch the momentum and sort things out by figuring out where you are standing right now and where you need to go.

Like this image shows and like Tony says if you concentrate on the approaching tree while driving your car you will crash into it. Don’t look at the tree, look how you can drive around it. The same thing goes for our problems. Don’t focus on your problems (after you know that it is there), but think of a solution.

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