Entrepreneurial Spirit is Taking Over On Young Girls

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Ok, here is another case of a 17-year old girl, Ashley Qualls, who has become a multimillionaire by creating

Ashley started off by making MySpace layouts for girls. Seems like she has mastered HTML and CSS.

She allegedly started to use Internet at the age of 9. Now, Ashley is ripping off the fruits coming from the advertising on her highly ranking site.

Lesson to learn here.
It is so important to be open to what it is you like and when you’ve found it, hold on to it.

Don’t let it go.

Ashley’s found her niche. I like what Stephan Pierce says, “If you want to go broke go after all the folk, if you want to be rich go after a niche”. That’s very powerful.

If you don’t know who exactly you are going after be on the alert.

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