Don’t Tell Me You Have Got Nothing To Win - See This Boy First

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I am always in quest for inspiring stories that help people open their eyes widely and recognize the potential sitting inside of each and every one of us.

I have accidentially stumbled upon this YouTube video that is about a 100% blind boy who not only easily finds his way around but also beats people in video games, table football and so on.

This seems so unbelievable but true is true and the beauty of this inspiring story is that it is all about our attitudes and beliefs. His amazing mom instilled upon this boy a winner attitude, that is, nothing is impossible. She taught him to use other senses to accomplish ‘extraordinary’ things, which he did.

The story every one of us could and should learn from. And don’t tell me that you have got nothing to get what you want. Stop complaining and begin with the winner attitude, education yourself, take actions and reap rewards of this abundant life given to you.

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