Day 1 of The Phenomenon Conference In Orlando Is Over

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Phenomenon in Orlando

Phenomenon in Orlando

Hello from room 668 of Orlando Airport Marriott Hotel,

The first day of the Phenomenon conference is over. I just wanted to share these pictures we have taken in the past 48 hours. Orlando is beautiful (a bit chilly though in the evenings).

A nice touch screen in the aircraft we were flying in. A good collection of music, movies, games, maps and etc.

We were flying over Greenland (a member of the Kingdom of Denmark) and it was amazing to see the Greenlandic land fully covered by snow and ice.

A shot in the aircraft

Flying over New York. It seems to have been snowing there too.

Just arrived to Orlando and while waiting for out shuttle we noticed how how bikes are transported at the front of buses in Orlando

Tatiana standing on the background of our hotel

Tatiana and the local sheriff

The Phenomenon conference and workshop is about to begin.
Great information and a lot of notes. My favorite mindset two are: 1) Eliminate the time between the idea and the act. A lot of ideas do not get implemented simply because they are not acted upon. The bottomline is the shorter the timeframe between the idea generation and the idea implementation the better. 2) The quality of questions you ask of yourself determine the quality of answers you get.

More pics to come …

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