Be Inspired By Ladies Who Conquer The World With No Arms No Legs

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Aimee Mullins & Jessica Cox

Aimee Mullins & Jessica Cox

Here is a couple of more people I want to bring to your attention. Their names are: Aimee Mullins and Jessica Cox.

The reason why I want to write about them is simply because these ladies are real fighters. They never settle nor do they give up on their dreams.

Like in the previous video where I talked about Nick Vujicic who has no arms no legs, Aimee Mullins has no legs and Jessica Cox has no arms. Yet Aimee is a runner, Olympics game veteran, World’s record holder, model and actress. Whereas, Jessica Cox, who has no arms, is a motivational speaker, black belt martial artist who also learned to fly an airplane. Wow!

Against all odds, the girls don’t see themselves as the victims of the ‘events’ or circumstances but rather pull themselves out of this as the winners. They do things many of us don’t dare to.

Why Is That So? What Drives These Young Ladies To Overcome Any Obstacle On Their Ways?

To answer these questions let’s watch their interviews and understand a little bit better how they think and what their stories are.

Here is a story of Aimee Mullins

Did you pay attention to what she said: I am not dealing with it, I am not coping with it. I am living with it. It is my life. I thought that was powerful!

Here is a story of Jessica Cox

Even though the girls do not like to see themselves as being inspirational like Aimee said in the first video I hope their stories will give you an extra push to pursue your dreams and not settle for less.

Whenever I want to change something I would start with clearly stating my desire and the reason why I want to achieve what I want to achieve. If there is strong enough reason you will most likely persevere. If not, you will most likely fall short and begin to come up with all sort of excuses why you can’t accomplish a certain goal. That’s the common disease of our society. We live in the world of negativity which is why many of us get influenced by and eventually that prevents you from getting what you want. It is important to understand that unless you change the way you think and what you believe in nothing you do will be of satisfactory significance. So you will most likely end up being disappointed with yourself.

Here is the most important steps to take towards accomplishing your goals:

Accept where you stand now and what you have.

Don’t be ignorant ego maniac. Like those girls in the video, you should accept all your conditions and circumstances. But accepting them does not mean you need to settle. Accepting means you are conscious and sch a peaceful state of mind will lead you to asking questions of yourself.

Power of questions.

Never ever stop asking yourself powerful questions because the longer you ask questions, the more likely you will get to the solutions. If you want to write your questions down write them. Ask: How Can I … ?,  Why Not To … ?, What Should I do to …? questions. You will be amazed how yourbrain will switch from problem oriented state to solution-oriented one.

Decide NOW.

This is one of the most important steps towards achieving what you want. If you don’t make a firm decision, if you don’t write it or think about it all the time, the chances that you will give up at some point are bigger than if you state things or better yet publicly commit them before someone you care and who trust and loves you. Decision is the father of action.


As in the previous post Tony mentioned: Never leave a sight of making a decision or never leave a sight of setting a goal without doing something immediately that commits you towards its attainment. Take baby steps while dreaming and thinking big.


No matter how successful you are in the first 4 points, you would not know where you need to improve unless you measure your success. Define your KPIs (Key Perfomance Indicators) and improve upon them always. You will never be perfect. Get over it. Accept it and move on by taking baby steps.

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