Self-portrait - July13, 2008

Hi! Vladimir Chen is here. Thanks for your interest in my Blog where you can catch me sharing information on the subjects such as education, entrepreneurship, personal development, web technology, online marketing and of course some fun stuff, which may include family photos, traveling and so on.

If you are a research student or an Internet entrepreneur, you should find the Blog relevant to what you do. Take a minute and surf around the blog and feel free to leave me your thoughts or comments of any sort. I’d be delighted to read them and respond.

A short story how this Blog came about
I used to be a student myself. I got my first Bachelor degree in Tashkent, the capital of sunny Uzbekistan, which is situated in Central Asia. Back in 2002 I decided to study abroad and I was accepted at the Aarhus Technical School (Denmark) at which I studied for 2 years. Then, along the way I decided that I want to study business administration with main focus on Marketing and eCommerce. This is how I ended up in Copenhagen Business School to do my Master’s. Two years later, I graduated and now I live in Odense, the city where Hans Christian Andersen used to write his magnificent fairy tales.

So, while I enjoy my life in Denmark with my family (lovely wife named Tatiana), I also dedicate a lot of time to making myself grow as a person. Hence, the Blog eventually is a channel or, better yet a form of my personal expression to and with the world. I also use this platform mainly to reach out to people who may need some help on the things I am passionate about or have experience with (mentioned above). I love to write and more importantly I like to share with others what I find myself useful (e.g. tricks, tools and tips).

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