A Free Book That Can Change Your Life - Notes From A Friend by Anthony Robbins

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Notes from a friend

Notes from a friend

I just remembered a time back when I started my self-development journey.

It all started for me when I was writing my master thesis as far as I recall. It was hard and challenging to keep myself motivated and continue to write. I needed help. But I guess I was looking not for a thesis counseling but for psychological help because I realized how important it was to establish a better connection with myself.

This was when I began searching on the Internet for some help. I came across this free book “Notes from a friend” by Tony Robbins. I ordered it and sure enough in 10 days I had the book delivered in my postbox.

I literally DEVOURED the book. It was so relevant to what I was going through that it literally helped me stay focused during my thesis writing. Most importantly, I got so captivated by this department of literature that I began looking out for every self-help book I thought would contribute to my development. This was when I got to think that “I was smart enough to know that I was getting lucky”.

If you care about yourself a little give yourself a present that can change your life. And if you like this path tell me about it. You can always go back to your old life.

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