5 Ways How To Stick Firmly To Deadlines And Why You Should

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Let me tell you more about one of the most important inventions of mankind, that is, a deadline.

Why should you care about meeting deadlines?

There are many areas that will have deadlines that must be met in order to become successful in your chosen career. Not only are deadlines important in business, they are also quite simply a part of our life. Starting as a small child you will begin to learn that certain things have to be done in a timely manner and if not, there will be consequences.

When deadlines are pending and you are not prepared to meet them, the frustration levels can rise. When the deadline passes and you have not submitted the material that was due, you are going to face many negative emotions. You will feel aggravated, angry with yourself, and may even feel exhausted to the point that you do not want to deal with any of the issues.

A Master student will face many obstacles when it comes to deadlines. Because they have already gone through four years of college and earned a bachelor’s degree, they have a great idea of what it takes to accomplish their goals. For example, if you have already got a B.S. in education and are going for your Master’s you will only have a certain period to do so. This will, of course depend upon the state in which you are teaching. Since this is so much more focused than the bachelor’s degree, there will be at the very least a minimal amount of stress.

When attending college, many deadlines will have to be met. Before graduation there will be a deadline for you to submit your thesis to the proper officials. There will also be a deadline for the submission form which must be turned in before the thesis. If this dissertation is not submitted by the rules and on time, it could either slow your graduation date or you may not graduate at all. This could be a giant frustration for someone who has spent a lot of money and time on their education.

For an entrepreneur, the business they want to become involved in, for example a retail sales business, will have consequences if deadlines are not met. The money they have tied up in financial dealings can be lost if the timeline is not met. By not having the business open in a minimal amount of time, profits are not generated on time. When they set up an enterprise, there are certain guidelines that must be considered if money is to be made. Since this is the purpose of starting the business in the first place, the importance cannot be stressed enough.

5 ways how you can you stick to deadlines

1. Set your own deadline but make it a few days or even a week earlier than the one you are planning to meet. If you meet your deadline you will actually be ahead of schedule, but if you are a couple of days past your deadline, you will still be on time by the schedule set by the company or person requesting the deadline be met.

2. To ensure that you are on time when it comes to deadlines is to learn how to stop procrastinating. Figure out how many days it will take you to complete the project. Split the project into sections - one for each day. You may be surprised that once you start working on your daily allotment you may surpass it and have tomorrows finished as well.

3. Ask your friend or coworker to help you out. Sometimes having someone to work with can give you the incentive you need to actually get some work done. It is a lot easier to give up and think you will finish something tomorrow if you are working by yourself than if you have a coworker helping.

4. Make a public commitment. Find as many as possible persons you have close relationships with and promise them that you are going to finish your project by meeting a deadline you set for yourself. Better yet, don’t tell them write it on a piece of paper in 2 copies - one for the person and the other one for you to stick up on the wall in front of you.

5. Continuously think of the rewards of having completed the project and consequences of not having completed the project. This should certainly motivate you to stick to the deadlines you set for yourself. Just remember one thing. It is more effective to use the latter strategy because in scientific studies it was revealed that people are more motivated by the thought of losing something rather than gaining. This can be very powerful if you take advantage of that.

Deadlines are a necessity and no matter how much we dislike having to stick to them, they will always apply to something in our lives. The best way to look at a deadline is to meet it head on.

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