5 Key Things For Your First Job

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Here are the 5 key things you need to rememeber while searching for your first job.

1. Prepare CV - Polish your CV so that the employer you’re applying for is sure that you are the right candidate. Remember, you need to get through the first round. At this stage don’t think to get the job, think how to get through the first round - application round. There are two main CV types such as chronological and functional or skills-based. For your first job I’d recommend a chronological CV.

2. Cover Letter - Do your research on the company you’re seeking to get a job at. There are two ways: solicited and unsolicited applications. If are applying for an open/advertised position be specific in your cover letter what value you will be able to bring to the company. Back it up with your former experience and/or academic backgrond.

3. Apply Every Day - It is important that you treat your job search process as a full time job i.e. you have to spend hours on research, writing cover letters and refining CV. I would recommend that you send through at least 3 job applications every day be it solicited or unsolicited.

4. Expand Network - During the job search you have to turn on your consciousness and try to take16 advantage of your both strong ties (family, close friends etc.) and weak ties (e.g. acquaintances, friendss friends etc.). Don’t be afraid of telling them that you are looking for a job by asking if they know anyone currently recruiting. This statement “It is not what you know, it is who you know” very often proves right.

5. Job Fairs - Attend as many as possible job fairs and stay active within the industry you’re seeking your first job. Speak with companies reps and ask relevant questions that you may want to prepare in advance. Ask them what they like their job for, what is the culture like etc.

Good luck!

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