4 Useful Tips On Why And How To BackUp Your Files

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backup your files

backup your files

When you are working on your computer be it writing a thesis or any other business project you need to continuously BACKUP your files. This is a must.

I can’t stop wondering why people still put off on backing up their existing important files even though they know very well that they need to backup their files.

I hear it over and over when somebody has just lost everything when his/her hard drive crushed own. It happens to everyone. Even experienced people sometimes forget to do it on a regular basis.

Here are some tips on backing up your digital library and workspace.

Tip No.1

Create a rule of backing up your files periodically. How often should I back up files? It depends on your frequency and intensity of writing and working on a computer. If you see that you update your files frequently and get many more new files quite often you should obviously do the procedure more frequently, let’s once a week. In other cases, you should be fine doing it once a month or biweekly.

Tip No.2

To wherever you back up your files, always have two consecutive versions of your backed up folders. For example, if today is August 13, 2008 and if I want to back up a folder called “Workspace” I would create a folder “Workspace_August 13, 2008″. In a week, I would backup a newer version and name it “Workspace_August 20, 2008″. You want to keep those two folders from now on until in the future when I replace “Workspace_August13,2008″ with a newer version of the folder and give it a name “Workspace_August27,2008″. This way, I will always have two versions.

Tip No.3

If you can afford, it is even better to have a second external hard drive to back up files. If you can’t afford it, then consider using online file storage applications (see this post for the list of online storage sites) which are in most cases are free software. There is obviously an advantage of using online websites because you can access them from anywhere using the Internet and a computer.

Tip No.4

A desktop software that I recommend when backing up files is called Total Commander (formerly known as Windows commander). The software is so simple to use and very handy when it comes to comparing for newer files in two different locations.

Total Commander

Total Commander

For example, if I created/added/updated files to my local drive and it is time to back up my files, I would simply open those two two locations in Total Commander interface and press a shortcut Shift+F2 and in a matter of seconds the application will compare two directories for newer files. (see below) If there are such files, they will be selected in red color.

Newer files get in red

Newer files get in red

All you need to do then is to copy those and paste them into you backup directory. This takes literally seconds to do but it can save you many nerves if something nasty happens to your hard drive or any other computer hardware causes a computer crash.

There is a small cons of using Total Commander:

The software does not seem to recognize newer folders. You will need to check yourself. But there is a bright side of this con. You will need to make sure that all the files contained in the newer folders are properly backed up. That’s why going into each folder is an fine task. Alternatively, you can delete all the files on your backup drive and simply copy and paste all the newer files if you don’t want to spend time checking out each newer folder.

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  1. thomasNo Gravatar says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 1:04 am

    actually, these are very usefully tips for writing articles.

  2. VladimirChenNo Gravatar says:

    November 5th, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    Glad you liked it Thomas! Also, when you write your articles, make sure to develop a habit of punching ‘Ctrl + S’ or ‘? S’ for the Mac to save your stuff. Just do it all the time when you write.

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