3D Image Research That Can Literally Save Tons of Time When Writing a Master Thesis

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This is my first YouTube video excerpted from the MasterYourThesis mini course.

In the video I share a tool called Piclens that revolutionizes the way image reearch is done on the Internet.

In a matter of several seconds one can find any image he/she needs or just simply can get an inspiration/idea on a certain subject.

For example, if you have no clue about the history of Soviet Union then all you need to do is type in “Soviet Union history” in Google Images and press a Play button on one of the image results. You will be able to see all images on the subject in 3D dimension and in a matter of seconds you will get some idea about the history.

This is a very basic research but in many ways it can help us save a lot of time.

See my video if you want to learn how.

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