2 Most Inspiring Videos Of 2007

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These are two personal stories that I find the most inspiring of everything I have seen in the year of 2007. These stories are just another example that there is no excuse for us not to achieve anything we want.

1) “Can World’s Stongest Dad” is a story about the Dad and his disabled son who was with him during entire marathon being pushed in a wheelchair, towed in a boat and pedaled while in a seat on the handlebars. Very inspiring. Just watch!

2) “J Mac on NBA Final Segment” is a story about the guy named Jason McElway who has a brain development disorder known as autism. Jason has a passion for baskatball. His amazing story begins since he got a coach assistant. But later he becomes the most renowned backetball player who suffers from autism, which again does not give us excuse not to achieve anything we want.

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