The Launch of – The Very First Weekly Web TV Show About Denmark

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I kind of feel bad that I’ve abandonded my blog for a while. Now and then, I would visit it myself just to check any acitivity, and looking through I knew that I needed to write but the priority was always something else. For that reason, I must apologize before my readership who thought that something has happened to me or my blog. Well, indeed there are lots of things that have happened in the past couple of months. But not to confuse anyone I will start with the latest and thus the title “The Launch of – …” [Read more...]

YouTube Edu, Academic Earth and Other Educational Sites On the Web

Online Education Sites

Online Education Sites

Some time ago I made a post about Academic Earth, a good resource that delivers thousands of academic lecturers to your ‘doors’.

Thanks for and I got to know that YouTube has recently launched a similar service which they called YouTube EDU.

The concept is more or less the same as Academic Earth. According to the above mentioned resources, there are about 200 videos at the moment. I am certain that YouTube / Google will catch up quite soon as both know that educational videos are in an extremely high demand. [Read more...]

Interview With Samsung Global Scholarship Program Graduate

master thesis interview

master thesis interview

Today, I am excited to finally publish one of my latest interviews with a graduate from Seoul National University who came South Korea to study through the Samsung Global Scholarship Program.

In a nearly 1-hour interview I drilled Chetan to tell me about his experience writing and completing his Master’s thesis. If you are in the middle of your thesis project I am sure you will find this interview helpful as he uncovers many useful tips that can help you nail your project too.

Interviewee: Chetan Raj
Interviewer: Vladimir Chen

Vladimir: Hello

Chetan: Hello, Good afternoon

[Read more...]

Free Ebooks To Download From The Aggregator Called - great tool - great tool

I have just stumbled upon a very cool site that will be another addition to “My Favorites” on your computer.

The site is called and it collects all the free PDF materials (books, articles, papers, reports etc.) found on the Internet and delivers them to you  for absolutely free. I just tested the site and it works really well.

What I like about the site is that it is so simple e.g. a no-brainer. The homepage looks like this: [Read more...]

I Am Not Into Politics But I Was Interviewed On The Streets Of D.C.

Me being interviewed

Me being interviewed

On my last day of visiting Washington D.C. I made up my mind to walk around in the attempt to find a shopping mall and get some presents to take home with me.

As I was exploring the streets of D.C. I ran into a United Press International (UPI) reporter who asked me if I had a minute to answer some questions. “Sure” – I said. He asked me if I would mind answering three simple questions. I told him that I am not a local and I might not be able to have answers to all his questions. He assured me that I needn’t be one. [Read more...]

Be Inspired By Ladies Who Conquer The World With No Arms No Legs

Aimee Mullins & Jessica Cox

Aimee Mullins & Jessica Cox

Here is a couple of more people I want to bring to your attention. Their names are: Aimee Mullins and Jessica Cox.

The reason why I want to write about them is simply because these ladies are real fighters. They never settle nor do they give up on their dreams.

Like in the previous video where I talked about Nick Vujicic who has no arms no legs, Aimee Mullins has no legs and Jessica Cox has no arms. Yet Aimee is a runner, Olympics game veteran, World’s record holder, model and actress. Whereas, Jessica Cox, who has no arms, is a motivational speaker, black belt martial artist who also learned to fly an airplane. Wow!

Against all odds, the girls don’t see themselves as the victims of the ‘events’ or circumstances but rather pull themselves out of this as the winners. They do things many of us don’t dare to.

Why Is That So? What Drives These Young Ladies To Overcome Any Obstacle On Their Ways? [Read more...]

Get A Free Online Seminar With Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins' free online seminar

Tony Robbins' free online seminar

I and my wife are going to attend Tony Robbins’ seminar called “Date With Destiny“. We already got our spots confirmed for December in 2009. If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is go ahead and Google him and you will quickly find out what he does. Or simply go to his website.

But I am sure most of my readership knows who Tony is and how he helps countless people to achieve what they want in their lives. I saw the energy radiate out of this person relentlessly when I attended two of Tony’s seminars in London in 2007 (Unleash The Power Within (UPW) and Wealth Mastery).  What I experienced within the walls of Excel London is hard to express in words. But this is not what I am going to write about in this post. It is all about you. I want to share a great free resource that I’ve found on Tony’s personal blog, which I believe will help you change your life for good.

Download this workbook in PDF by clicking on the image below. [Read more...]